Graphic design

Why good design is so important.

Why is good design so important?

Design is everywhere. If you stopped reading this and took a quick look around your surroundings, everything from pens to the chair that you sit on had to be designed by someone. Our decision to purchase or to use a service is influenced by how something looks, as materialistic as it sounds, this is a fact.

Design plays a pivotal role in how your business is perceived and this is reflected by the presentation of your business’ information. It’s everything from the colour scheme to the layout of your content to the type of font you use on your business cards. Please do not use Comic sans!

We recognise bad design if we can't tell what the heck we are looking at and can't figure out what we are meant to do next. When there is just too much text and images screaming out for the same attention and comprehension is severely challenged. Having to take in a copious amount of superfluous information is confusing and jarring.  

Good design has been proven to influence the way your customers view your business and having a professional, logical and clear design enhances your credibility and creates a brand you are proud to show off.

A logical design helps customers find what they’re looking for with ease and it displays information in a way that ensures readers aren’t overwhelmed and inclined to disengage.

What is good design?

Good design is created with your business objectives and the customer’s needs in mind.

It ensures that information is easy to access and the content is formatted in a logical and clear manner. It delivers consistent and cohesive messages through the correct use of imagery and if done correctly, will reflect the values of your business.

StyleLOGIC provides a wide range of different graphic and web design services to promote your business effectively. We’re not only about making things look pretty, everything we do has your business objectives in mind and we will not offer you services that we believe will not benefit you.

Ensuring you've taken the time to invest in good design means your business will have a much greater chance of bringing you business. Your company car with a tiny web address on the back window that can't be read unless your 2 feet away, will not grab the attention that your business deserves!